What Are Dumbbell Made Of

what are dumbbell made of

In the past, dumbbells are made mostly of metal. Now, dumbbells are made of various materials, so you have lots of options to choose from. The durability, performance, and price of these dumbbells are affected by the materials it is made of. Some fitness enthusiasts fail to focus on this factor. Thus, they end up getting the wrong dumbbells.

Dumbbells are known to be one of the most effective exercise tools used to increase strength and build muscle. This fitness tool can be found in commercial gyms, rehabilitation centers, and performance training facilities. The tool is used to carry out isolation movements for the upper and lower body. Every muscle in the body can benefit from training using dumbbells.

This article was written to help not just fitness enthusiasts but even those ordinary individuals who feel they need this fitness tool to achieve their dream body. To make it easier for you to decide which dumbbells can buy, we had a detailed introduction for each type of dumbbell, including the factors you should consider when you choose them.

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Material 1: Vinyl (Plastic) Dumbbells

Vinyl Dumbbells

Vinyl or plastic dumbbells are used in fixed-weight dumbbells. It has two parts, the weights and the handlebar. The vinyl dumbbell is not only made of plastic. The inner part of vinyl dumbbells is made of sand or concrete. It is only the outer part of the dumbbells that is made of vinyl.

Plastic dumbbells have a smooth and soft coating with a glossy finish. When wet, these dumbbells are slick, but if remain dry, they have a sticky quality that makes them easy to grip.

Your home gym will not be complete without the vinyl dumbbell. It usually weighs around 0.5kg to 2.5 kg.

Why Choose Dumbbells Made of Vinyl?

One of the reasons why fitness enthusiasts prefer vinyl dumbbells is because of its flexibility. Vinyl dumbbells are used to strengthen the entire body to build muscle or lose weight. Dumbbells made of vinyl are ideal for light training of arms, chest, and shoulders to prevent injury training and rehabilitation.

Plastic dumbbells are also cheaper compared to other materials. You can purchase multiple pairs of vinyl dumbbells for the price of one pair of steel or cast-iron dumbbells.

When it comes to susceptibility to rust, plastic dumbbells are superior to their metal counterpart. If you are thinking of getting dumbbells for outdoor gyms, consider vinyl dumbbells. The inner material of the dumbbell will be protected against high levels of moisture.

The Cons of Vinyl Dumbbells

Although vinyl dumbbells are not susceptible to rust, it is still not as durable as others. Plastic tends to break easily, so you need to purchase it again and again. Also, dumbbells made of vinyl are not adjustable and it only weighs up to 10lb. Because of its limited weight, you cannot do whole-body dumbbell exercises

Useful Tips When Choosing Vinyl Dumbbells

Here are some points you need to focus on when purchasing a plastic dumbbell:

  • Choose thick and smooth plastic dumbbells. Refrain from buying brittle, fragile, and easy to break after using them for certain times.
  • Check on the quality of the vinyl coating. Make sure it is evenly coated without cracks or peeling.
  • Purchase vinyl dumbbells only from a reliable supplier.
  • Read reviews before buying.
  • Pick a dumbbell with a comfortable handle. Too thin or too thick handle can affect your workouts.

When to Use Dumbbells Made of Vinyl

The vinyl dumbbells are recommended for first-time users and women. In case of improper use, the dumbbells will not cause any major effect on users as the weight is perfect for the target groups. You can also use these plastic dumbbells for bicep workouts and warm-ups.

Material 2: Cast Iron Dumbbells

Cast Iron Material Dumbbells

Cast iron is the oldest material used in making dumbbells. As the name implies, the fitness tool is manufactured using the casting process. The method of making the cast iron dumbbells includes melting raw cast iron and then pouring it into a mold to produce solid castings. Unlike plastic dumbbells, cast iron dumbbells has two types – one with fixed weight and the other with one handlebar and adjustable weights.

Why Choose Dumbbells Made of Cast Iron?

Among the many options, the fixed-weight cast iron dumbbell is a popular choice. This is because cast iron dumbbells display great performance in endurance, muscle, and strength exercises. This material is also very durable over time. It will cost a lot on your first purchase, but this will surely last for many years.

Cast iron will provide the right weight that supports your workout better. The iron weight selections vary from light to heavy levels for different exercises. Also, cast iron dumbbell provides a firm grip when exercising.

The Cons of Cast Iron Dumbbells

Most fitness enthusiasts and gym owners prefer cast iron dumbbells. But, like any other products they also have some drawbacks, one of them is its price. They are not as cheap as the plastic dumbbells. Also, improper use of iron dumbbells can lead to injury and floor damage. So, this type of dumbbell is not recommended for beginners.

Useful Tips When Choosing Cast Iron Dumbbells

Here are some points you need to keep in mind when buying cast iron dumbbells:

  • Before buying cast iron dumbbells you need to consider your budget and your dumbbell exercises.
  • Buy the hex cast iron dumbbell instead of the round dumbbell as this may tend to roll over to your feet on an uneven floor and cause contusion. Hex cast iron dumbbell is more stable when placed on the floor and it is easier to be stored.

When to Use Dumbbells Made of Cast Iron

Using cast iron dumbbells in training your bicep, shoulder, back, and other muscle groups. It will help build up your muscles by providing enough weight. For a beginner, you can start with 5 lbs. and gradually increase it.

Material 3: Stainless Steel

steel material dumbbell

Obviously it’s made of stainless steel, including the heads and  handles, normally it’s 304 Stainless steel, they are usually seen in home gyms. The steel dumbbell handle is fixed and adjustable. Compared to cast iron, steel dumbbells have the highest weight-loading capacity. You can fit 35 to 40 kgs for adjustable dumbbells. If you consider fixed dumbbells, steel is much smaller in size than rubber.

Why Choose Dumbbells Made of Stainless Steel ?

Steel dumbbells are more durable and rust-resistant than cast iron. They can withstand drops and garage or outdoor environments where many home gyms are located. When it comes to aesthetics, steel looks much better than cast iron or rubber. The material is smooth with a just-polished look that can make your home gym feel and look professional.

Because steel is very resistant to rust and corrosion, you can expect it to last longer which makes it cost-efficient in the long run

The Cons of Stainless Steel

Steel dumbbells are not cheap at all. Because they are designed to last a lifetime, you can expect that it will cost you more. They are made of high-quality steel that will not rust. Mishandling or dropping the steel dumbbells can cause damage to your floor. However, if you lift and lower it properly while doing the exercises the dumbbells will not cause any problem.

Useful Tips When Choosing Stainless Steel Dumbbells

Keep in mind the following factors when choosing stainless steel dumbbells:

  • Stainless steel dumbbells are available in various weight range, choose the one that matches your fitness level and goals.
  • Consider also the grip. Make sure it is comfortable for your hand size. The grip texture should provide better hold when sweating.
  • When it comes to shape, choose hexagonal dumbbells than the round ones since they are safer and prevents rolling.
  • If you have limited space, choose the adjustable dumbbells. But if you are more focused on durability and on being stable fixed dumbbell is the best option

When to Use Dumbbells Made of Stainless Steel

For stainless steel, when you have a heavy weight training, we highly recommend it, because it can handle weights without the risk of getting damage. Also If you have a long-term fitness goal and you’d best to invest on this type of fitness tool. In addition, cleaning it is easy and can withstand frequent use, which makes it ideal for gym use with many users. It is also recommended for outdoor workout, precision training, and advanced lifters.

Material 4: Rubber-Coated or Neoprene

rubber-coated material dumbbell

The rubber-coated dumbbells are made of steel and cast iron internally and covered with rubber externally. You can see the neoprene dumbbells mostly in the gym as it looks good and protects the facilities against getting damage. A rubber dumbbell is manufactured by welding the metal weight to the metal handle. The handle is then covered with rubber. Some rubber dumbbells are completely covered with rubbers while others have rubber on the weights.

Why Choose Rubber-Coated Dumbbells?

One of the reasons why fitness enthusiasts would prefer rubber-coated dumbbells is its durability. The rubber covering prevents rust as well as corrosion. The good thing about rubber-coated dumbbells is that it is waterproof.

If you are in a soundproofed area, clanking of weights is not an issue at all. However, if you are in a space where someone is working out too and in poorly insulated area, the sound of the metal can be annoying. Rubber dumbbells don’t produce noise when bumped together.

The Cons of Rubber-Coated or Neoprene

One of the disadvantages of choosing a rubber-coated dumbbells is its smell. We all know that rubber has distinct odor which maybe not pleasing to some that are sensitive to smell. The odor may dissipate in the long run. Some rubber-coated dumbbells may cost higher than steel dumbbells because of the quality of rubber used. Rubber can cause allergic reactions to some with sensitive skin.

Useful Tips When Choosing Rubber-Coated or Neoprene Dumbbells

Below are some points for you when decide a rubber dumbbells.

  • Check what type of rubber is used in coating the dumbbells. A high-quality rubber can withstand the daily use of the dumbbells.
  • Make sure the dumbbells are accurately calibrated.
  • If you are sensitive to the smell of the rubber, choose the one with low-odor options.
  • Compare prices. Keep in mind that high quality rubber usually comes with a hefty price.

When to Use Rubber-Coated Dumbbells

If you will use the dumbbells on area where there are lots of people around, it is best to use rubber-coated dumbbells since they are quieter than metal and steel.

The Factors to Consider in Choosing the Right Dumbbells

For many fitness lovers, dumbbell is a very necessary fitness tools for them. However for a beginners, choosing the right dumbbells is a hard things for them. Below are some factors you need to consider for your reference.

The Materials

Choosing a perfect dumbbells for your fitness plan is not easy if you don’t know any of them. So you can take a time to learn some of them. The most commen used material are listed above. You can see the the cons & prons for each of them, including vinyl, stainless steel, rubber-coated, and cast iron.  Pick the one that will make you feel comfortable and help you achieve your goals.

The Grip

Considering the dumbbell’s grip is very vital. It should be comfortable to your hand and keep the dumbbell secured. Pick dumbbells with textured handles or rubber coatings. This will certainly prevent any accident such as slippage while exercising

Your Purpose

You need to consider the exercises you intend to do and the manner of how you use the dumbbells before buying it. For instance, if you will use the dumbbells for cardio exercises, choose the lighter one. But if  you will use them for strength training, you can adjust the weight instead

Your Budget

The dumbbells price has a major impact when deciding which dumbbells to buy. You may want to invent on quality equipment, there are lots of options available at various price points. Normally stainless steel dumbbell are higher than cast-iron dumbbell, rubber coated dumbbell are more expensive than plastic dumbbell. Also different brands, the price will be different, and we still recommend you to buy from trusted supplier & manufacturer on market.

In Conclusion

For fitness enthusiasts doing resistance exercises and strength training, dumbbells are vital tool. Each type of dumbbell material has its own perks and features. Make sure you pick the right dumbbells for your workout if you want to see great results..

In above article and you can learn something when choosing a dumbbell. The fitness market is growing so fast. And if you find some other options, share with us.

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