How to Fix Adjustable Dumbbells

how to fix adjustable dumbbell

Adjustable dumbbells are an excellent fitness tool for efficient strength training, especially for home fitness, it has lots of advantages. However, sometimes you may met some issues when using them.

In this article, we’ll focus on those problems and provide a detailed step-by-step guidance on how to fix it. Now let’s get your adjustable dumbbell back in working and get you back to your workout!

Issue: Unresponsive Dumbbell Handle
When turning the dumbbell handle is getting hard & difficult, then the problems may appeared, and the issue likely lies in the gears not being adjusted properly. Don’t worry, we made a video of how to fix the problems, also with 2 methods with detailed steps.

Method 1: Resetting the Gears

Follow below steps to reset the gears of your adjustable dumbbell and restore its responsiveness

Step 1: Locate the White Button on the Handle

  • On the handle of your adjustable dumbbell, you’ll find a white cubes or tab near the dial

Step 2: Remove the Dumbbell Plates Corresponding to the White Cubes

  • Look for the dumbbell plates that are corresponded to the handle using a white button or tab.
  • Move those plates away from the base

Step 3: Put the Handle Back and Adjust the Gears

  • Place the handle back into the dumbbell base.
  • Now, you can easily adjust the gears

Step 4: Adjust the Handle Gear to the Smallest Position

  • Turn the dial to the lowest weight setting.
  • Ensure it clicks into place at each increment for accurate selection

Step 5: Put the Removed Dumbbell Plates Back In

  • Move the plates back into the base, aligning them properly.
  • Now, try turning the dumbbell handle again. It should move smoothly, and you can adjust it to different weight settings with ease

Method 2: The Ultimate Simple Method

If you prefer an even simpler solution, try this method:

  • Remove all the dumbbell plates from the handle, except the smallest weight.
  • Put the dumbbell handle back into the dumbbell base.
  • Adjust the handle gear to the smallest position.
  • Congratulations! Your adjustable dumbbell is now fixed and ready to use.


By following those quick and straightforward methods, you can easily fix an unresponsive adjustable dumbbell handle. Whether you choose the gear-resetting method or the ultimate simple method, your dumbbell will be back in working in no time. Remember to keep your dumbbell on a flat surface for smooth operation, and you’ll be all set for a seamless and effective strength training session. Enjoy your workout with your fully functional adjustable dumbbell.

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