How to Clean Dumbbell

how to clean dumbbells

For many fitness enthusiast, dumbbell is one of the most common fitness equipment, especially when adjustable dumbbell appeared in the market, it’s designs can let you have a full body workout, which right now is getting more and more popular on market.

However as we know for a set of dumbbell is not cheap. How to care for and maintain your dumbbell is getting very important. For some of iron dumbbell, it’s very easy to get rust if without cleaning and maintenance regularly. And that means it’s very necessary to clean your dumbbell regularly, it’s not only can help to you to have a better training, but also can extend dumbbell lifespan & save your cost.

Xdumbbell is a professional Fitness Equipments Manufacturer, in this article, we will teach you how to clean your dumbbell, especially for the rust removal & how to maintain it better regularly.

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How To Clean Your Dumbbell

Below we listed four steps to clean your dumbbell. And it can work for most of dumbbells. And if you have more suggestions, share with us.

Step1: Prepare Cleaning Supplies

There are some materials for cleaning that you have to collect first. Including soft cloth, soap or detergent, clean water, and the Alcohol for Disinfection

Step2: Wipe Down Dumbbells & Remove Dirt

Moisten a cloth with water & mild soap, then wipe the dumbbell handles and plates to remove sweat and dirt

Step3: Disinfection for Dumbbell

After we removed dirt on the surface of dumbbell, now we can do the disinfection, you can use Alcohol or other liquid that has function of disinfection. Like the handle that we touched are the most important area that we should pay attention to

Step4: Dry Them Completely

Right now we go the last step. Your dumbbell has been cleaned completely, but there are still in wet and we couldn’t put them back, because it may cause rust. We have to dry them completely, you can use your fans or hair dryer, which can help to dry them faster

Through the 4 steps above, now i think you already had a great clean for your dumbbell. By the way, as there are several kinds of dumbbell, and you have to do a little adjustment for the cleaning accordingly. Normally there are user manual and you can check it first, sure there is some introduction for it.

How To Get Rust Off Dumbbells

how to remove rust from dumbbell

If you are a GYM Owner, and you will find that the weight plates are very easy to get rust. And if you couldn’t remove the rust quickly and it may casue permanent damage.

As we know there are lots of sweat appeared when we are exercising, however most of dumbbell are made of Cast Iron & Steel, When these waters come into contact with metals for a long time, your dumbbell will get rust soon, and especially if your dumbbell is in a bad quality.

So right now i think you already understand the reason why your dumbbell is get rust. And below we also listed several detailed steps for rust removal.

Step1: Find the Rust & Brush it Away

For this steps, you need a brush to help you. there are 4 kinds of brush you can choose, it depends on how rusty your dumbbells are.

For example, if your dumbbells are very rusted and you may have to use wire steel brush or sandpaper, even though it may scratch up your equipment. If your dumbbell is not rusted very deeply, or it’s painted, you can use Nylon Brush.

Step2: Soak Your Rusty Dumbbell

You can find some water & vinegar & mix them together ( 50% water & 50% vinegar ), then soak your dumbbell or weight plates into it, and you have to wait for 24-72 hours, so be patient.

Step3: Scrub the Rust on Your Dumbbell

When the time is enough and you can take them out. Check the surface and scrub the rust left on your dumbbell until it is removed completely, don’t worry, because of step 2 and right now the rust can be removed easily. When you think it’s okay, then run the dumbbells over with clean water, and check if there is rust residual

Step4: Use Alcohol for Disinfection

This step is optional. If you can find an alcohol, use it for final disinfection and it will much better.

Step5: Wipe & Dry Them Completely

Right now you can find a soft & dry cloth, wipe whole dumbbells to remove the water, alcohol, dirt, or debris left. Then you need to wait until it is completely dry, during this step, you can use fans or hair dryer to let them dry faster.

Step6: Using Rust Prevention Products

Now we are going to the last step, there is no rust again, but you have to take measures to prevent it’s rusty again. You can use Rust-Oleum Hammered or 3-in-One Oil, these rust prevention products can create a barrier between air and metal, which is very effective.

How to Maintain Your Dumbbell

dumbbell maintenance

Having a right & effective maintenance for dumbbell is also very important. Below there are several useful tip may help you.

Put Your Dumbbell in Right Position

It’s quiet important, you have to put them in a dry & cool place, avoid any sunshine directly and wet environment. And after you finish your fitness, you’d better restore them

Inspection Regularly

You have to check your dumbbell regularly, if you found there is rust, wear and tear or loose, you can solve the problem immediately, Tighten the screws and nuts, clean & remove the rust, or replace the damaged part with a new one. You know it’s very easy, but it can It can greatly prolong the dumbbell lifespan.

Take Turn to Use Dumbbell

If you have different sets of dumbbells, you can take turn to use them. Because it can help to reduce the use and wear and tear on a single dumbbell

Keep Them Away From Harsh Chemicals

You have to keep your dumbbell away from some harsh chemicals, like Ammonia, Bleach, Solvents, Windex, Lysol, it may cause some corrosion to your dumbbells.

In Conclusion

Right now i think you already know how to care for your dumbbell, especially when it’s get rusty, you will know how to solve the problem, just follow the steps and sure you can solve the rust problem, also pay attention on the dumbbell maintenance, it can help you to have your dumbbell for longer. If you guys have some other good idea, feel free to share with us.

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