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2 in 1 designs and get a Xdumbbell barbell and that means you will have a free set of dumbbells. Which can save your money and have you more exercise training. Eeach set a barbell has different weight options and that can meet your personalized exercise needs.

Our barbell set allow you to make a fast & easy weight adjustment. A security locking system design, which can provide a secure and worry-free exercise experience.

Professional Barbell Factory

Xdumbbell is a professional adjustable barbell factory in chian. Focus on producing high-quality barbells for fitness enthusiasts. We start to manufacture & supply since 2015.

Our design are unique and innovative, together with top quality materials to ensure excellent durability, optimum performance and maximum safety, which can meet the demanding needs of strength training, weightlifting and functional fitness.

As a leading barbell manufacturer in the world, our production ability is stable and powerful, our services is always on line. our quality is trusted & our payment is flexible, choose Xdumbbell as your business should be a very right choice.

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Xdumbbell is also a leading Barbell OEM factory for many famous brands on the world. Because barbell custom are supported in our factory.

Meanwhile we provide a comprehensive support services to help you to get your personalized barbell. Your requirements are 100% be guaranteed.

Barbell Custom for 3 Aspects:

  • Barbell Color Custom
  • Barbell Logo Printing
  • Barbell Packaging Custom
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