Are Adjustable Kettlebells Worth It

are adjustable kettlebell worth it

Kettlebell workouts are one of the staple when it comes to full-body fitness. These workouts are known to improve coordination, balance, flexibility, core power, and overall strength while creating lean, healthy muscles and burning fat.

Although this is all great, what if you don’t have the budget for a whole kettlebell set or you are short on space? Then an excellent choice would be adjustable Kettelbells.

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What Are Adjustable Kettlebells ?

An adjustable kettlebell is a strength training tool that offers the convenience of working out with different weights all with the same kettlebell by adjusting the weighted plates. The weighted plates in the kettlebell can be easily unlocked and removed to adjust anywhere between 12 and 32 kilograms.

An adjustable kettlebell not only takes up less space in your home gym, but It is also durable, lightweight, and easy to incorporate into everyone’s routine.

Below is a short video which can help you to understand what adjustable kettlebell is.

The Pros Of Adjustable Kettlebells

Adjustable kettlebells is getting popular for home fitness. And below we listed several main reasons that why people choose it.

Adjustable Weights

Unlike fixed-weight kettlebells, adjustable kettlebells allow you to modify the weight according to your fitness level and workout requirements. With a simple mechanism, you can increase or decrease the weight, making them suitable for beginners and advanced athletes. This flexibility enables you to progress gradually, challenge yourself, and effectively target different muscle groups with a single piece of equipment.


Adjustable kettlebells offer a compact solution by having multiple weights in a single unit. Instead of buying and collecting individual kettlebells, you can enjoy the convenience of having various weight options readily available, all within a single adjustable kettlebell.


By choosing adjustable kettlebells, you’ll have a versatile piece of equipment that can be used for a longer period with your growing strength and fitness levels over time. This is a long-term investment that eliminates the need for additional kettlebells as you progress

The Cons Of Adjustable Kettlebells

Although adjustable kettlebell has it’s special features that very suitable for home fitness, however it’s not recommended to everyone, because it also has it’s disadvantages.

More Time Required to Do Adjustment

Every time you want to change the weight you are working with you have to remove a bolt at the bottom, remove the little weight plates inside, adjust the nut that sits above the weight plates, put the desired plates back on, and put the bolt on again. This can be a tiresome process to go through in the middle of your training

However right now another new design of adjustable dumbbell appeared, and you can do the adjustment for weights in a very easy & fast way.

Plates Work Loose or Rattle While in Use

Although they’re fine for short sets of exercises, the plates can sometimes start to make noise near the end of a long workout. To avoid this, you have to make sure to tighten the nuts above and below the plates and make sure the bolt at the bottom is secured nicely and tight.

The Weights Range Limited

There is a technique known as progressive overload, where you gradually increase the weight as you get stronger, and if you are solely training with adjustable kettlebells you might reach a point where they don’t offer the required weight anymore.

Some Designs Are Unreasonable

Some of the plates might not have numbers labeled on them for every weight increase, so you have to use paint markers to write down how much each plate weighs to avoid mix-ups.

Adjustable Kettlebell VS Standard Kettlebell: What's the Difference

For many fitness beginners and they don’t know how to choose between adjustable kettlebell and standard kettlebell. Below let’s talk about the difference between them.

Adaptability is Different

An adjustable kettlebell is the best choice if you’ve got a limited area, because it’ll take up considerably less space than multiple fixed-weight kettlebells. It’s also best for beginners, because it alleviates the need to upgrade your kettlebells to higher weights when you have built more strength. So it has a higher adaptability and you can use it in your home.

However for a set of standard kettlebells, it require bigger space for it’s store & place, so it’s just suitable for fitness room.

But the fixed kettlebells go up to higher weight thresholds, making them better for users who have improved their form to the point where an adjustable kettlebell doesn’t offer the range of weight anymore.

Materials & Designs are Different

The majority of kettlebells available now both adjustable and fixed-load weights, are made of cast iron. It’s a durable material and is enough to offer a comfortable handle. In most cases, fixed-weight kettlebells will come in various colors, which are usually used to denote the weight of each one, so it’s easier to tell them apart at a glance.

Adjustable kettlebells are different because their body is segmented to allow the removal of sections to achieve the desired weights, so you might need to label them by yourself as soon as you unbox them in some cases.

Durability is Different

When it comes to durability fixed-weight kettlebells easily win, because they’re made of one solid piece with new joins or moving parts. That means it’s unlikely that you with ‘break’ a fixed-weight kettlebell.

On the other hand, adjustable kettlebells have weights that are moved around a lot while adding and removing them. All these movements can take a toll over time and can affect the overall shape of the kettlebell.

Price are Different

Fixed-load kettlebells come in a vast range of weights, from 1 kg up to over 70 kg. Each size can vary in price depending on the design handle and the finishing. At the lower weight range, you can get a simple kettlebell for around $20. But the downside is that you’ll need a heavier kettlebell as you get stronger, which means spending more money and you’ll also have to find space for the new kettlebell.

Adjustable kettlebells, however, are more expensive because they have multiple weight options. You can get a customizable kettlebell for around $100, but with smart features and models that price can go up to $300. But with the Adjustable option, spending money is a one-time thing.

Who Are Adjustable Kettlebells Ideal For

If you can’t afford a whole kettlebell collection or don’t have space to store an entire set of kettlebells, a good quality adjustable kettlebell is one of the best investments you can make for at-home training.

Adjustable kettlebells do not have a single round piece of weight, instead, they contain various circular plates, which can be removed and added per the user’s preferences to change the weight, which makes them ideal even for beginners.

Useful Tips for Choosing The Right Adjustable Kettlebell

Here are some useful tips to consider while choosing to buy an adjustable kettlebell

Locking Mechanism

The locking mechanism is an essential feature to look for in adjustable kettlebells, as it directly affects safety. Despite the variety of locking mechanisms, the most important thing is for the system to be effective in preventing accidents. Some models have a switch that provides convenient and quick weight locking; some models are even armed with pin-locking or click-in systems, which are believed to be more solid.

Considering the importance of your safety, make sure you buy a kettlebell with a high-end, reliable locking mechanism.

The handle

Choosing a model with a good handle is very important when buying a kettlebell. The handle is supposed to be comfortable and convenient to hold in order not to result in blisters and calluses.

For more comfort, some people choose models whose handles are padded with foam. However, you have to keep in mind that such padding is not durable, as it will get damaged soon after purchasing the unit. In addition, the size of the handle must match the size and shape of your hand. Otherwise, the risk of getting injured while exercising will be greater.

Material and Coating

When it comes to material, make sure you purchase a kettlebell made almost completely out of metal, as the unit is supposed to be incredibly strong. The models made of plastic or rubber are more prone to damage and don’t provide the strength you’re looking for while exercising.

In addition to the material, you are also expected to select a unit with fine coating, which protects against damage and rust.

In Conclusion

All in all we think adjustable dumbbell is worth to buy. compared with standard kettlebells and we can see it’s convenience, especially with the developments of fitness equipments, adjustable kettlebells are getting more and more safety, convenient & economical. If you are a fitness lover and ant to keep exercising at home, you should deserve on.

Adjustable Kettlebells Recommended

Blow there are two newest designs of adjustable kettlebells recommended

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